Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Appeal to the New Evangelization

Aargh, it happened again.

Logging on to a video published by one of the "good guys," one of the leaders of the New Evangelization, there it was.

Terrible music.

For some reason, surely with all good intentions, the best videos published by the best evangelists and apologists for the Catholic faith are prefaced with intro music that is sort of contemporary, sort of electronic, sort of upbeat--and not of very high quality.

Now, a good argument could be made for providing a kind of "vestibule" experience for those logging on to your preaching and teaching video, a kind of entryway that is in this world, moving people forward into a listening space.

If that's the case, please consider chant and polyphony as alternatives to synthesizers.

In movies and tv, the aural signal for "church service" is the organ. The aural signal for "Catholic Mass" is chant or polyphony. The aural signal did not change after the Council. There has been no timeless music published after the Council.

Gregorian chant is still the music that says, "Something Catholic is going on here." We haven't lost this, and it is something to celebrate.

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