Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flying Fish Puppets at the NPM Mass

As an honest question, I would like to ask: why were large fish kites attached to long poles so that they could lead the entrance procession at the NPM Mass yesterday?

I truly fail to understand the symbolism. I have seen sails incorporated into the design of seaside churches, and I understand this. I wouldn't design a church that way myself, but it makes sense. But, since the Basilica is inland, I doubt the seaside element of the symbol predominates, even in summer.

On the other hand, the fish were lifted high into the air, which is unusual for fish, and perhaps this was meant to express the possibility of human theosis, in which human nature is "lifted up" to participate in divinity. That is a nice thought.

Or, since the fish were interspersed among banners bearing sheaves of wheat, perhaps the fish and wheat together represented the loaves and the fishes?

Or, do the fish recall the ancient Christian symbol of the ichthus--perhaps they represent Jesus Christ? However, why then were there multiple fish?

Fish swim in schools, and perhaps, as we gather, we are formed into a collegio. That is a nice thought.

On the other hand, perhaps the postconciliar banner frenzy, which frankly seemed to have run its course about 20 years ago, yesterday jumped the shark?

Update: video has emerged.

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