Monday, August 12, 2013

How Francis Gives New Life to Benedict's Legacy

Hope you like my piece today in Crisis Magazine, which concludes (spoiler alert):

What might seem to others to be a maniacal obsession and ridiculously geeky concern (liturgy) is actually very important for the life of the Church. Those of us who have been granted or consciously adopted this special concern also have an obligation to carry through—not with a need for unrelenting pats on the back from the Vatican as if we are dependent and insecure children but rather with a determination and confidence that sustains itself based on the value of truth and beauty.

And these efforts need to continue, even if the press (as it inevitably will) continues to paint us as reactionary ogres living for the day when the age of Benedict XVI will return. The truth is that this age is not over and will not be for many papacies in the years ahead. Thanks to Francis, the legacy of Benedict has more life and energy than ever before.

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