Kenneth Levy, RIP

From Ted Krasnicki:

I received word that the influential chant scholar emeritus of Princeton, Kenneth Levy, author of various articles and books on chant, died on Friday. A well known but controversial theory of his was the claim that musical notation for the Franks already existed by the year 800. A chant archive is named after him. Requiescat in pace.

One Reply to “Kenneth Levy, RIP”

  1. horribile dictu (et auditu)! "influential chant scholar" begins to cover it but is insufficient. Levy's work has inspired–and prompted rebuttal–and touched the vast majority of scholars in medieval musicology in one way or another.

    One of the principal articles (if anyone is interested) in Levy's Frankish notation in 800 is "Charlemagne's Archetype of Gregorian Chant" (from the Journal of American Musicology 40, Spring 1987), in addition to his "The Origins of Neumes" (from Early Music History 7, 1987), both of which were reprinted in Gregorian Chant and the Carolingians (Princeton, 1998).

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