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  1. I am hoping that they will also print a version of the setting which can be put into music sheets. I have been waiting for this for years now, and was disappointed when we ordered it, and there is nothing to put into our music sheets, and it is not in any hymnals. So we gave up and are going to use the Mass of the Immaculate Conception by Latona, which has the choir, organ, and congregational parts.

  2. An adaptation to the "new" Roman translation of the Mass would make this long lasting Willan Mass setting more useable in Roman Catholic Parishes. Do the Canons of St. John Cantius have such a plan?

  3. Please, someone, send them a contribution so that they might be able to afford a tuning….take action, instead of complaining publicly about picky things….

  4. This Mass (in English) was published in the Catholic Hymnal of the New York Archdiocese around 1965. We've been using it here at the Dominican Nuns in Summit since then…even when it was the "wrong" translation. Now it is almost the "right" translation but easy enough to fix with a few pencil marks.

  5. The Willan Missa de Sancta Maria Magdalena is available at Biretta Books. Call us at 1 800 345 6665 or visit us online at: http://birettabooks.com/go/webstore/product/missa

    The new ICEL English version of the Willan Missa de Sancta Maria Magdalena has now been updated with the new ICEL English text and has been approved by the USCCB, and by the Bishops Conference in Australia, and the UK as well.

  6. I sang this for years as an Episcopalian, and I'm delighted to see it available now for Catholic use. I look forward to forward to adding it to my church's rotation of Mass settings. It doesn't get old.

  7. I agree. The best English setting available, other than chant. The problem with the Biretta edition is the tiny size of the print. I purchased eight copies (as required) for a small unison choir, and the original copies sit in the file cabinet. Nobody–myself included (as the organist with 20/20 vision) can read the small print. I had to blow up the print size to 125 percent of the original on my scanner. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, folks at St. John Cantius and Biretta, PLEASE print this OUTSTANDING English setting of the Mass in a standard size musical font. It is illegible as it is. Thanks.

  8. Fr. Haynes, please read my comment below about the print size. The edition is OUTSTANDING. Certainly the best non-chant setting for the English text of the Mass. No question about it. Unfortunately, the tiny print size makes purchased copies unusable. Please correct this.

  9. If you want any suggestions to reach Fr. Haynes, I recommend contacting him directly. He's not likely to re-read this web page any time soon, as it is a few years old.

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