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Altar boys make their Thanksgiving after the Easter Vigil, 2013

The National Catholic Register has published an article on the parish I have the great grace to serve, Prince of Peace.  It is written by a parishioner, Brian Mershon, who has been a tireless supporter of the Extraordinary Form in Upstate South Carolina.  He has sung in the Latin Mass schola, his sons serve at the altar and his daughters sing at both Ordinary and Extraordinary Form Masses.  The article focuses, as you will read, on the link between liturgy and evangelization.  

An excerpt: 

Christie Mauritz, a wife and mother, is a recent convert who was first struck by the majesty of the liturgy.

“In January 2008, I attended a Catholic Mass for the first time at Prince of Peace,” she said. “After witnessing the beautiful reverence of the priest and parishioners in this special place, I began to thirst for the real truth of Christ and the Church he said he would build through St. Peter,” Mauritz said.

“During my first Mass, I immediately felt the presence of Jesus in my heart.”
As a Baptist member of the same church for 43 years, Mauritz said that not only was she attracted by the liturgy and the absolute truth she found in the Catholic faith, but that the helpful and kind parishioners showed true charity to her, her husband and family as they became actively involved in the life of the parish.
“As Baptists, we were taught to really go out and evangelize others about Jesus,” Mauritz added, so she was pleased to see this zeal at Prince of Peace.

Leading the Guild of Our Lady and St Gianna, girls who do public prayers of Thanksgiving after Mass at the Shrine to the Queen of Peace after their Founding Mass, Lent V 2013

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  1. Dear Father Smith, your parishioners are fortunate indeed. Please keep up the great work. Best, Tom

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