Report on the 2012 Tournemire Conference at Duquesne

The current issue of The American Organist, the AGO house magazine, has a lengthy article on this conference that drew Tournemire performers, scholars, and admirers to Duquesne.  “To Transcribe the Timeless: A Student Perspective on the Music of Charles Tournemire” by Stephanie Sloan and Rebecca Marie Yoder is quite readable – even for those of us who don’t fall into the aforementioned categories.

There is also a quite excellent photo of Sr. Marie Agatha Ozah, HHCJ and the Duquesne University Schola Cantorum Gregorianum (including Dr. Ann Labounsky) for you to enjoy.

If you belong to the AGO, head for page 62 of the September 2013 issue.  If you don’t, ankle over to the university library or wherever and look it up.

Sounds like it was a smashing three days!