Sunday, September 29, 2013

Clever Tumblr Spoof Page

It's called The Low Churchman's Guide to the Solemn High Mass: Keeping Loyal Anglicans Safe from Superstition Since 2013. And it is a riot. A sample from the post "Masters of Ceremonies."

If a loyal churchman were to attend a Solemn High Mass (we are speaking here, of course, in purely hypothetical terms), he would see a throng of strangely-dressed people behaving oddly. By the time the service reaches its full swing, a wide variety of functionaries will be fulfilling various tasks: the organist is playing something, the choristers are screeching, the verger is guarding the chancel entrance, the thurifer is thurifing, and the sacred ministers are shuffling awkwardly in their ill-fitting shoes. Yet a closer look would reveal a person who doesn’t seem to be doing anything; he is wearing a cassock and surplice, and occasionally directs peremptory gestures toward the other people in the chancel. Who is he and what is he doing?

This person is an MC (Master of Ceremonies), and what he is doing is destroying Anglicanism.
On a day when some are recklessly ch-ch-charging the Ordinariates with over-ritualizing, um, rituals, it seems only right to hear from a dissenting voice.
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