Friday, September 20, 2013

How much of the Pope hysteria is due to technology?

Never before has the comments by a Pope been capable of being published and swirl around the world in a matter of minutes, out of context of both the interview and larger picture of Catholic teaching. Never before has the comments by a Pope been so subject to misunderstanding and manipulation.

I spent some time going through a few old interviews of Cardinal Ratzinger this morning, and pretending to make up headlines.

"Pope Defends Prostitution, Calls for Legalization" -- this is true. He made the comments in Salt of the Earth, citing St. Augustine.

"Don't Condemn Divorced Catholics, Says Pope" -- same interview

"Pope Says there are 'No Final Answers'" -- speaking about the attainment of truth in this life.

"Sex 'Not Sinful'" Says Pope" -- same interview, regarding whether sexuality results from the fall.

"Pope Defends Interfaith Prayer Services" -- same interview

And so on.

It's best to not get wrapped up in the hysteria. More thoughts at NLM.

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