Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Listening - and Listening Outside Your Box

Laurie Riley is one of my favorite musicians - a great harpist, a multi-instrumentalist with roots in the 60s folk movement, a teacher, curriculum developer in therapeutic music, and then some.  Her most recent column on listening is worth a read whatever your own music endeavors or instrument. 

Why?  Because most of us have lost the ability to buckle down and do absolutely nothing but listen to music.  We're busy - we have journals to read, smartphones crying out for our attention, children to mind, dishes to do, bills to sort.  All of which can be so easily done with a bit of background music.

Further, we all know what music we like - and that's what we listen to.  However, Laurie suggests ways in which focused listening - and listening outside your own specialty - can move you forward.

Of course, if you have no need for improvement, you can skip all of this!  (Just kidding, of course.)