Not your great-grandfather’s Panis Angelicus

A classic 13th century hymn text will have enjoyed many wonderful compositional treatments over the years. This one is by Claudio Casciolini. Doesn’t the choir achieve a beautifully vibrant effect?

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  1. Benjamin, you have cited a 3-part arrangement of the 4-part setting by Casciolini, not the 3-part ATB setting by Casciolini which is here:

    This work is evidently the same as the one attributed to Baini, except that, curiously, the SSA edition of the Baini places the Tenor and Bass parts up an octave (as Soprano 1 and Alto) with the Alto part sandwiched in between as Soprano 2. Perhaps Baini was an editor who merely arranged the Casciolini in this manner for SSA?

  2. Just to clarify: In the recording, the group uses the Baini arrangement, sung down an octave for TTB. In the Casciolini ATB score, one simply sings the Alto part down an octave (as Tenor 2).

  3. I see. There had only been one Casciolini setting linked to from the page for the text Panis Angelicus. I hadn't looked under Casciolini's page. Thanks.

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