Westminster Cathedral Choral Vespers Live on BBC

On the Feast of Blessed Cardinal Newman, October 9, the Westminster Cathedral Choir’s Vespers will be broadcast live by BBC Radio.

Introit: Tout puissant (Poulenc)
Hymn: Iste confessor (Plainsong)
Psalms 14, 111 (Plainsong)
Canticle: Magna et mirabilia (Plainsong)
Responsory: Iustus Dominus (Plainsong)
Magnificat for Double Chorus, Op.164 (Stanford)
Motet: Iustorum animæ (Stanford)
Antiphon: Salve Regina (Bruhns)
Organ Voluntary: Præludium in E minor (Bruhns)

Master of Music: Martin Baker
Assistant Master of Music: Peter Stevens
Organ Scholar: Edward Symington.

6 Replies to “Westminster Cathedral Choral Vespers Live on BBC”

  1. Actually it's Latin Vespers in the newer form (note the hymn is before rather than after the psalms). The London Oratory, which is also on the BBC's rota of venues, never adopted the revised form, so Vespers there is as per the Liber Usualis.

  2. I never know what to make of the term "introit" in a context like this. Maybe "processional" instead?

  3. Anglican Evensong usually has a sung 'Introit' and most of the BBC broadcasts are from Anglican cathedrals and college chapels. Whether it is an organ piece, or in this case a choral one, which precedes the service, BBC R3 is usually at pains to announce that in the context of Catholic Vespers the service begins with the 'Deus in adjutorium'

    In its remit as a serious music station BBC R3 broadcasts a lot of Catholic music and those who present it are usually liturgically aware – or were until about ten years ago.

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