Busy weekend

Depending on how each parish celebrates All Saints and All Souls, this could be one of the busiest weekends of the year. And we’re not exactly dealing with light things. It’s not about parties or apple bobbing, but about the last things and how they affect each person.

A priest who celebrates his three allowed Masses today might easily tack on an extra one this evening, not to mention baptisms and weddings made possible by the longish weekend. Musicians may not have had much family time on Thursday evening, with no end in sight until Sunday afternoon.

Just one of those tough weekends of the liturgical year. Wishing everyone well!

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  1. Kathy, thank you.
    Yesterday's morning Mass with the parochial school and parishioners I was in heaven. I don't think the many adults in attendance with the school kids had any clue about how well and full they participate verbally and by singing! Mix of chants, hymns (they sang Lasst and Babilone like veterans) and songs full-throated and beautifully.
    W and I just got back from the cemetary where we, with the schola leader who will provide the Requiem for my Mass some day, chanted EVERTHING! It's the one day in the whole year where I know everyone will get the reason for chanting. And we provide them every proper and ordinary movement that never varies. Again, the joy of praying for souls, asking forgiveness, granting forgiveness….etc., overwhelmingly right and just.

  2. It's that pesky pedal tone on the first beat that makes it so hard. Oh, and the phrasing at the beginning of the second line. And the range. And the dotted halves when you expect half notes, and vice versa.

  3. How I needed to hear this encouragement tonight. Thanks Kathy.

    I'm totally pooped.
    One more day, then a long nap.
    That will be so nice. 🙂

    A sleep deprived haiku. For you.

  4. Waif…..Rafe……nothing?…….crickets?
    And now the lark of the morning trumps with a haiku….MACW, I knew I shoulda called you Halloween night!
    And sleep is wasted upon the youth; we get one more hour to sleep, and all I could manage was five minutes out of the sixty!
    But Kathy is right- these two days are fast becoming a unit in my top five liturgical yearly experiences, with Triduum still leading the pack. But All Souls, oh my! I went to Michael's Crafts to get a calligraphy pen and I saw and purchased a leatherette edition of Dante's Inferno! Ack, mortality alert! Ah oo gah.

  5. Charles, don't chafe, don't strafe, your Ralph is safe!

    Christmas is on Wednesday this year, which means New Year's is too. So buckle up, everybody.

  6. And how fun it will be next liturgical year with both All Souls and the Dedication of St. john Lateran (as well as the Feasts of the Presentation, SS Peter and Paul, and Exaltation of the Holy Cross) all falling on Sunday.

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