5 Replies to ““The core focus should be God. We adore God.””

  1. Note that the news organization, in crafting the subtitles, [mis]translated "adoracion" as "worship." The two words are closely related, but not true synonyms. It was Benedict XVI who helped us realize that "adoro" is made up of the root words "ad" and "oro," which crudely means "mouth to mouth." And of course "oratio" is prayer itself. "Worship," which roots in "worth" has more of the meaning of relationship of inferior to superior (still a valid way to approach God, but different in meaning.)

  2. Much of Divinity has been reduced or even lost in our worship as we try to control the liturgy according to our convenience,

  3. It is my understanding that the New Mass was created with just that goal in mind to make it more man centered than God centered. People can sense this an that is why they don't go anymore to this mass if there is the Latin alternative. There are also too many rooms for abuses and novelties and innovations with this mass. Case in point the Tango Mass that was shown to Pope Francis a couple of weeks ago. I repeat what Fr Fessio told EWTN after Benedict was elected in 2005.Ths reform of the liturgy was supposed to be small organic changes to the Latin Mass NOT a brand New Mass which is not what Council Fathers said.

  4. Bravo Holy Father!

    You know – Francis may not always be on his best foot when he gives interviews (tricky territory that terrain) – but I'll tell you – he bats cleanup on his homilies – they are marvelous!

  5. janet you are absolutely correct. If the forces of tradition were as organised then against the forces of progressivism as they are now we would have likely stopped around the 1965 Missal with some minor additions. Instead, we got a "Bugnini burger."

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