A New(ish) Ave Maria

Musica Sacra Forum member and Australian composer David Basden has posted a setting of the Ave Maria composed by him in 2010. It is short, text-focused, and absolutely beautiful. Oh, and free to copy for Church use. And did I mention there’s a recording, too? (What wonderful times we live in!)

If you are still trying to figure out an Offertory or choral meditation for the Immaculate Conception or the Fourth Sunday of Advent… well, first of all shame on you for not planning further ahead. But second of all… try this little gem at rehearsal this week. I think most choirs would be able to pull it together in one evening and it will sound like you worked all season on it.

Ave Maria by David Basden – PDF score
Ave Maria by David Basden – Recording by Matthew Curtis on Sound Cloud

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