Friday, February 28, 2014

A Sigh of Resignation

I feel it is beholden upon those of us who understood the liturgical renewal of the Pope Emeritus' wonderful and historic pontificate to take him at his word regarding his final and perhaps greatest pontifical act, his resignation, one year ago this evening.

I suppose it's one of those events that is sort of tailor made for wild conspiracy theories, but they are so out of place here. Maybe it's easiest for Americans to understand, because of the remarkable example of our first president, George Washington, who resigned sacrificially not once but twice: resigning his military commission after winning the Revolutionary War, and resigning the presidency after two terms. In each of these instances he showed that the country is larger than one man.

In Pope Emeritus Benedict's case, he showed that the Church belongs to Christ.

Thanks again, dear Holy Father, for all you gave to us, particularly the Reform of the Reform. God bless you as you pray for all of us!

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