Early Registration Won’t Last Forever!

Are you on the fence about the XXIV Summer Colloquium?  Well, if you hop off on the right side, you can save some lettuce for your Easter basket with Early Registration

$60 in fact – and that will buy a lot of chocolate bunnies.  Or it’s money you put toward another cool chant book at the Colloquium.

Yesterday was the Ides of March – not a good day for Julius Caesar.  However, you can make today a good day for you and sacred music wherever you live by registering for the Summer Colloquium in Indianapolis.

But you only have until March 31st.  And my experience is that the second half of the month always goes by faster.  So do it today – and you don’t have to think about it tomorrow.

Join us – and all the lovers of chant, polyphony, great organ music, and fellowship that make this a wonderful week! (And did I mention the 4th of July fireworks?)

7 Replies to “Early Registration Won’t Last Forever!”

  1. What about something on the 1st of July for the Canadians? 😛 There's a good group coming down from Kingston, Ontario. I just have to get everybody to register!

  2. I believe they have a group chant of the British North America Act of 1867. 😛

    And they shoot off maple-leaf shaped fireworks, forming a silhouette of Queen Victoria :))

  3. There's at least one member of the faculty from Canada, so I'll gladly buy a round that night in honor of our beloved country… though heaven knows they'd have to drag me kicking and screaming across the border to get me to ever live there again.

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