Is the Chant Intensive for Me?


This is a fair question.  Will you be embarrassed by your ignorance or bored among the newbies?  The answer is “Neither!”

If you’re a beginning or intermediate singer of Gregorian chant, you will both enjoy and benefit from these intensive days of theory and practice.

As a beginner, your feet will be set on the straight path of notation, modes, and rhythm.  And you’ll leave with confidence in your own ability to sing and help pass on the traditions of Western plainchant.

An intermediate singer will be able to fill in gaps in knowledge and praxis.  Great on notation but not so hot with solfege?  A good sight singer but weak on the classic Solesmes methodology (and thus easily intimidated by mention of the “ictus”)? 

Most importantly, the instructors are there for YOU!  There’s always enough time for questions.  Meals are moments for sharing experiences and learning with your fellow students.  And best of all, lots and lots of chants to sing – first to learn and then to refine. And you’re singing with people who love chant as much as you do.

It’s intense; it’s fast-paced – and it’s wonderful!  So register today for this powerhouse chant experience!

3 Replies to “Is the Chant Intensive for Me?”

  1. I would add my exhortation to Dr. Ballou's, as she was among the number of incredible cohorts at my first Intensive at USan Diego, and also a great guide to sites in Old Town and homemade corn tortillas! Among them, MaryAnn CW of St.Anne's, SD; Pedro D'Aquino of Holy Innocents, NYC; Br. Lawerence Lew, OP of NLM; Dr. Jenny from the DC area and a host of wonderful folks who have become beloved friends and acquaintences. The intensive opens up the fuller experiences to be at colloquium for the newbies, and also compel spouses to convice their better halves to attend another intensive under pretense of "vacation," such as New Orleans! I'll never forget lunch at WINO (Wine Institute of New Orleans) with DrMahrt!
    Go, you'll never regret the expense nor time.

  2. I echo Charles' sentiments. While fast paced, the learning environment is very "user friendly", The friendships one makes there are just as worthwhile as the knowledge and techniques gained. And it opens up the possibilities of what one can do within the liturgy.

    It is well worth your time and money.

  3. And I never regret the time Charles and I spent wandering around Old Town, as well as all that swell chant.

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