Prelude Chant: Daylight Savings Time

I can’t quite establish the provenance of this setting of a centonization of Gustate et Videte with other, seasonal texts, but it is too appropriate to the day not to post it, even without proper attribution.

2 Replies to “Prelude Chant: Daylight Savings Time”

  1. (Chant): My face did not blush with shame, because we went to Mass at noon (end chant)

    On a different tack … you need to have a look at this video, which Father Z just shared, which has Abp. Sample of Portland's sermon at his first full Pontifical Tridentine Mass. It rocks.

  2. This reminds me of that day I decided to chant the pizza menu in mode I at my protestant friends house. It certainly raised a few eyebrows *Blushes with shame*

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