Celebrating 50 Years of the Church Music Association of America

This is indeed the Golden Anniversary of the CMAA, formed in 1964.  Two existing sacred music societies, the Society of St. Cecilia and the Society of St. Gregory decided to merge.  Why?  In light of the ideals of the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy that had emerged from the Second Vatican Council, they felt there was great work ahead on integrating the role of the people into the treasures of Catholic sacred music.

Did the dream fail?  Or was it delayed?  Or did it continue year after year, whatever the cost?

You can read all about it in an excellent letter by the CMAA’s president, Dr. William Mahrt.  Just head over to MusicaSacra.com to get the whole story!

And think of how far we’ve come – and the distance we still have to travel.  Excelsior!

(Of course, you can join this musical army by becoming a member of the Church Music Association of America.  Basic and advanced training will be offered this summer for new recruits and seasoned soldiers at the Chant Intensive and the XXIV Summer Colloquium.)