In That Same Charity

By your help, we beseech you,
Lord our God,
may we walk eagerly
in that same charity
with which,
out of love for the world
your Son handed himself
over to death.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
Collect, 5th Sunday of Lent

6 Replies to “In That Same Charity”

  1. Kathleen, I want to inquire about the image you shared in your post. What's the best liturgical practice when regarding covering statues and other artwork during Lent?

    I know of a parish that hangs huge purple sashes (drapes, just about — somewhat similar to your image here) so that they span the entire ceiling of an otherwise-beautiful church building. It seems rather tasteless to me… but I'm curious just how common that sort of thing is.

  2. Mark, that's an interesting question. Were the sashes covering images, or were they acting more as simple draperies?

    I've never personally seen this done with ceilings.

    It's probably clear that the photo above shows a veiled crucifix.

  3. I've seen the big sashes in "liturgical season" colors used for Easter and Pentecost., not at Passiontide however. I think there generally just decorative. Even if there were images fresco-ed on a ceiling, no one attempts to cover them.

  4. Yes, it's clear that the photo shows a veiled crucifix. 🙂

    I just emailed you a photograph of the "ceiling drapes." (I could link to the image here, but it's probably best to keep things anonymous.)

  5. You know, I don't actually dislike the overall effect. Maybe that is mostly because the sanctuary itself is quite beautifully and reverently appointed, and the draping seems to have been done by someone with a good eye as well.

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