Monsignor Guido Marini Confirmed as Papal MC

Papa Francesco ha confermato il reverendo monsignore Guido Marini nel suo attuale incarico di Maestro delle Celebrazioni liturgiche pontificie.

Tanti auguri, Monsignor Marini!

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  1. To paraphrase the HF's own homily (unscripted as reported by NPR), let's tend to our own conduct during this week, and by implication the balance of our earthly lives, rather than postulating the demeanors of others.

  2. It seems that the "Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff" page on the Vatican website is not being updated at present. I was disappointed at not seeing, among other things, a booklet for today's celebration.

  3. Si! Tanti auguri, Monsignor Marini! And si! Praytell e literally speechless or in denial!

  4. I see PT has tersely reported it now, I suspect waiting longer for an equivalent translation of the renewal of Msgr. Marini's full term over the very clear, Vox Clara, literal translation. It all makes sense now. 🙂

  5. are the folks at Pray Tell in deep mourning? This is great news… I see PT has tersely reported it now,…

    We just chanted the Passion yesterday, folks, must we fractionalize ourselves into various mobs in order to advance our menial agendae? And exactly how does one draw out an announcement "tersely?"
    Shiite and Sunni Catholics?

  6. that's just what the liturgical left has been doing for decades: Children's Masses, Polka Masses, Youth Masses, Guitar Masses. So you're for unity ONLY if it hurts the progressive agenda.

  7. The thing's that so cool about the thumbs up, thumbs down thingie, is that it's so remnicscent of Caesar's temporal power over the lifespan of his slaves in the Colliseum. None of this "The first of you without sin may cast the first stone" ambivilence or nonsense! No wonder Pilate never made the cut when he returned to Rome.

  8. Yup, my mileage always varies as you well know 😉
    But, it is a great sign for all that Msgr. Guido remains at the hand of HHF! Laudate Dominum.
    See you in Indy? Just got around to looking at the prelims.

  9. Hmmm, let's see. Indianapolis (I been there) v. Rome? ROME! Never been.
    Will miss you, deeply.

  10. I'm rather surprised by all the celebration. ANYONE actually paying attention to the papal liturgies since March 2013 will note that nearly all of the elements specifically introduced under Benedict XVI by Msgr. Guido Marini have been taken away under the watch of the same Marini. The following are gone as of Holy Week 2014:

    1) The old Benedictine altar arrangement — the crucifix is now much smaller, much smaller than the candlesticks, and the seven candlesticks are now arranged asymmetrically: three to one side, four to another.
    2) The pontifical dalmatic and the papal fanon
    3) The red and gold thrones used by Benedict XVI
    4) Communion kneeling. The few ministers who receive communion directly from the Pope still do so on the tongue, but no longer kneeling.
    5) The vestments — Pope Francis' vestments are the plainest since Paul VI's.
    6) The cardinal deacons to either side of the Holy Father
    7) The traditional papal ferulae (not completely disused, but now less used than the Scorzelli ferula.)
    8) The papal asterisk

    There is also much less Latin in the texts spoken by the Pope, if anyone actually bothers to compare the booklets for Pope Francis' Masses to those for Pope Benedict XVI.

    So I'm not sure what exactly is being celebrated here. The reform of the reform? The reform of the reform of the papal liturgy by Guido Marini has already been largely done away with.

  11. i just reviewed the Mass Booklets on the Vatican Website and they would seem to contradict your points on Latin. The Ordinary was entirely in Latin for the Easter Day Mass other than the readings and prayer of the faithful. The propers were also entirely in Latin, gregorian chant. Far superior to the Papal liturgies under John Paul II

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