Things Spotted in the Wild

Since I’ll be teaching an introductory course on reading St. Thomas Aquinas this summer, I thought I’d stop by this very successful adult ed. program in my diocese and see how they do it.

They did it extraordinarily well. And this was in the parking lot.

Speaking of common interests, some of our readers might be interested in this book, which talks about the Office of Corpus Christi and the great Adoro Te Devote, as well as other prayers of the Angelic Doctor.

Full disclosure: the author, Fr. Paul Murray, OP, is an esteemed professor of mine who may or may not one day sit on my dissertation examining committee. Still, I can safely and objectively recommend the book on its own grounds and in the highest terms.

Here is a video of Fr. Murray speaking on one rather academic aspect of the subject. The book deals with this and many other matters, many of them textual, and having to do with one of the most beautiful poetic aspects of our liturgical heritage.

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  1. Profound thanks for introducing Father Paul Murray, Kathy. His lecture on St Thomas Aquinas's beautiful language of poetry in his prayers was both enlightening and very moving.

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