Colloquium Predux

Reminding upon all CMAA events of the past whilst sitting in a very inexpensive but accommodating hotel near the Indy airport…

The first and imperial memory I have is of Duquesne II, Thursday. I had bronchitis. JT gave me a whole new Z pack Tues/Wed., but I hadn’t recovered a chant voice. Wendy was at her third Colloquium with me, soaking up the grace, and her schola was chanting for an EF. I made the decision to not chant with JMO (like he needed me) and just be PIP. Best decision of my life.

In Chicago, both W and I benefited by the chubby FSSP celebrant’s homiletic expiation of the VO (the new nomenclature replacing EF and Usus Antiquior or EF) and it was artfully brilliant. But as I chronicled here (I think) I became a child of God that Thursday in Pittsburgh.  

I suppose in a word I would say I “got” Sacrosanctum Consilium in its fullness right there in Pittsburgh, PA., of all places where the dubious efforts of Msgr. Rossini were legend, save for those who have his books and can read the reality.

So, from  the discount ho tel the night before registration, praying, hoping,  begging that this week for which I’ve done no preparation, don’t have a clue what didactic benefit(s) might fall my direction this week , and  which maybe my “last colloquium” I will doubtless behold the glory of God which then I hope bring home to the homespun folks of the San Joaquin Valley of California, a glorious The foretaste….

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  1. Miss you Mr. C. I'll be in Denver Meinrading (I think I just invented a new word) out 4 high masses this week.


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