Monday, July 14, 2014

2015 Advent Calendar of Hymn Tune Introits

Wondering what to give this Advent to that Music Director who seems to have everything but propers? Know a pastor who would like to add a quiet solemnity to his Advent daily Mass routine but doesn't know quite what to do about it?

Well, look no further, because here is the 2015 Advent Calendar of Hymn Tune Introits, available here in PDF format.

Feel free to copy off a hundred Advent calendars and put them at the end of the pews, or on a table at the entrance of the church, and sing them to any number of familiar tunes at daily Mass. Since it's Advent, the tune for Creator of the Stars of Night might be a good choice.

The Hymn Tune Introits are a user-friendly, low/ no-resistance way to bring the beautiful expressions of the proper texts of the Mass into use in parishes where hymns have always been the norm.
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