Friday, August 15, 2014

An Extraordinary Parish Mass

Tonight I attended a local parish's Assumption evening Mass. This isn't an FSSP parish, or a "designated" parish for the Missal of Pope John XXIII. It's just a regular, territorial, parish church, and this was a normally scheduled Mass for a Holy Day of Obligation.

The Mass was in the Extraordinary Form, a Missa Cantata, with a Byrd ordinary, a number of motets, and chanted propers.

The very large suburban-type church was packed and overflowing, with families hanging around the vestibule with their toddlers. And while I did see some of the folks who frequent different EF Masses around the DC area, most of the people there looked like they were just regular parishioners.

The church was chock-full of young families.

The children seemed quite happy indeed, and were generally following along in the programs, which were plentifully provided. I don't know if it was the beauty of the music, which was quite well done, or the support of their parents, or just what helped the children to enjoy the Mass. But they did, and afterwards the vestibule was filled with the energy that young people have when they feel happy.

I guess what I'm wondering is how there could possibly be anything wrong in all of this. I can imagine that myriads of liturgists, if consulted, would have been utterly scandalized by this thoroughly joyful occasion, and I can't help but wondering: why?
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