Paul Jernberg’s “Mass of St. Philip Neri”

Toward the end of June this year, the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle met with conductor J. Michael Thompson to record composer Paul Jernberg’s “Mass of St. Philip Neri”, together with Paul’s propers for Confirmation Masses.  Here are excerpts from the session; presumably a CD will be available in due course:

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  1. Magnificent! Paul graciously gave me a copy of his complete Mass some time ago, and as I read through it, I came to realize that it is one of the best English Mass settings I've ever seen. We need this recording, too!

  2. Thompson and the Schola still represent the finest level of choral excellence in American catholic culture. With the consistency of his expertise with Byzantine homophony, combined with near perfection and sheer genius of the harmonic/melodic construct of Paul Jernberg's setting, it cannot be just coincidence that Palestrina's patron bears the dedication of this Mass. Transcendent beauty kisses total and exquisite elocution and comprehension. It very well may prove to be a 21st century inheritor to the Missa Marcelli, no mean feat.

  3. Stunningly ethereal. There is no doubt that this is divinely inspired music for the Lamb and the Feast. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Absolutely stunning. Imagine if this were the norm instead of the exception. Let's hope it won't be the exception for very long.

  5. 4:40: it's interesting how the responses are also set to music for the choir. Reminds me of the anglican evensong we experienced at the colloquium this year.

  6. There is a an Eastern 'feel' to it and yet it remains firmly in the Western liturgical tradition. With settings like this and the new English missal chants, there is no excuse for not singing the Mass.

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