Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some comfort here, CMAA's on it!

I posted a link in an article I've since deleted,"CMAA's been right all along," in which the html code didn't actually provide a direct path to the article. I'm going to try again and add another link from "Religious News Service" that posits fairly accurately why "choirs" are fading and failing in Protestant denominations. Hopefully these two URL's will take you to the two articles. Here's the one about "choirs"-

Religious News Service, Why choirs are dying

And here is the previous article, reprinted. A lot to consider. But, from my POV, our Church still promotes the official and beneficial rationale for the efficacy of "The Choir," and in that I rejoice.

Author David Ryan Gutierrez over at RELEVANT BLOG argues forcefully for the "church as patron of fine arts" in the article linked below. What's interesting is that his perspective addresses issues from the perspective of the megachurch, praise team, Hillsongs model of church.

RELEVANT Church can make fine art

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