Update on Jernberg’s “Mass of St. Philip Neri”

Some readers were interested to find out when scores and CDs will be available for Paul Jernberg’s Mass of St. Philip Neri, which I mentioned on this site a few weeks ago, along with an audio sample.   Paul writes:

  • Many heartfelt thanks to those who posted such kind comments about my music. I just discovered these a few days ago. Your words of appreciation touch me deeply and give me much encouragement!!! 
  • J. Michael Thompson, director of the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle, asked me to remind everyone that this setting of the Ordinary is intended not only for choirs, but also and primarily for congregations. In fact, we have had wonderful congregational participation in singing the melodies of this setting in the parishes I have served here in Massachusetts, from both adults and children. 
  • The CD and Score are now available for purchase at our website, pauljernberg.com. The CDs were delivered a few weeks ago; the scores are scheduled to be ready from the publisher in a few days, on Monday, October 13. Any inquiries can also be addressed to cathedralchoirschool at gmail.com.

2 Replies to “Update on Jernberg’s “Mass of St. Philip Neri””

  1. Richard, Paul, Michael,

    What is the minimal voicing for choir, or can a SATB choir render this sucessfully?


  2. We normally sing this in four-part SATB for Masses when the choir is present, and this works very well. At various moments there are additional parts for each voice, and we add these as we have enough singers to do so. With or without the choir, the congregation sings the melodies quite well, most often with organ accompaniment.


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