Saturday, November 22, 2014

Encountering Our Past Through Music

Just a quick quote from Thomas Forrest Kelly of Harvard University. In the Winter 2014 edition of EMAg, he writes:

For me, one of the special joys is holding in my hands a thousand-year-old book and singing from the same music that fellow musicians sang a millennium ago....And sometimes you open a music book to the feast of Candlemas and see a spot of centuries-old wax on the page, or turn to the Rogation days, when monks went out in procession to bless the fields, and you just might see a thousand-year-old raindrop. It's a way of taking a time trip, of being in touch, literally, with my fellow human beings from a long time ago.
The title of his essay is "Chants Encounters."  If you have the opportunity, read the whole piece.  If you do or don't, take a few minutes to find a favorite chant and sing it mindful of the "cloud of witnesses" who have sung it before.
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