Final Shopping Day for Advent Weekdays in the Hymn Tune Propers Emporium

If you or a Pastor or Music Director you know would like to do something liturgically special for Advent Weekdays here at the last moment, just click here, print out as many copies as you need for your daily Mass crowd, place them on a table where they will be noticed, and sing these versified Entrance Antiphons at the beginning of daily Mass.

Any Long Meter tune that is familiar in your parish will work fine. It might work well to use the tune to use the tune for Creator of the Stars of Night until December 17th, and then switch to the familiar O-Antiphon tune for O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.

The Hymn Tune Propers Project provides an easy first step away from randomly-selected hymnody and towards the use of the proper liturgical texts of the Mass. The proper texts are spiritually beneficial for Catholics, and for those parishes that might be ready to take a first tentative step, this Advent Calendar of Hymn Tune Introits might be just the way to begin the process.