New CDW prefect announced today

I was delighted to see that the Holy Father has appointed Cardinal Robert Sarah as Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship.

Cardinal Sarah is an experienced local bishop with long time curial experience an a history of meaningful reform, as well as sophisticated, thoughtful views on inculturation.

Update: Here is some background reading on Cardinal Sarah.

Reflection on Pope Benedict’s Lenten Message in 2011

Ordination homily

Address to Caritas Internationalis General Assembly

4 Replies to “New CDW prefect announced today”

  1. Cardinal Sarah sounds like a magnificent appointment. When the lefties start screeching, we will have all of the confirmation we need.

  2. Along those lines, the choice of a prefect whose ministry has been immersed in the work of charity and the perils of the missions –far removed from the boutique "liturgy wars" so beloved by polarized Anglo-European elites (whose churches aren't necessarily thriving) – serves above all as a fresh pointer to the risks, rewards and messiness of the "peripheries," the concept which remains the key to everything in this pontificate. Rocco Palma

    I've not researched the good cardinal as of yet.
    But since when has the prefect of the loggia become a pundit knowledgeable about RotR, boutiques and liturgy wars, and the demographics of parishes like Cantius, St..Ann's etc.? I suspect Rocco's self-appointed status emerged when he declared December 12th the pre-eminent liturgical solemnity for the western hemisphere.
    The above remark was totally unnecessary to the point of the announcement.

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