Open thread: Advent and Christmas plans

This is an open thread for any musical/ liturgical plans for Advent and Christmastide that our readers might care to mention. Best wishes for a happy liturgical new year!

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  1. Not a complete list, but:

    For Advent: Propers from LCSG at Choir Masses, Kathy's Advent Introit hymns at Non-choir Masses, Mass XVIII. Settings of Psalm 33(34) with the simplex refrain will be used at Communion (in addition to the proper) at all Masses.

    Anthem for Advent Sunday: "People Look East", arr. Malcolm Archer
    Kyrie for Gaudete: Byrd for Three
    Anthem for Advent IV: "Angel Gabriel" arr. Archer.

    Christmas will feature traditional carols in Arrs. by Willcocks and Cleobury, my own arrs. of "Sussex Carol", "W zlobie lezy", and "Gdy siczna Panna", Reger's "Maria Wiegenlied", Schnabel's "Transeamus", Rutter's "Sans Day Carol", and others. Mass ordinary will be will be a mixture of Mass VIII (de Angelis) and Willan's "Mass of St. Teresa". Propers from various sources incl. Weber, Kelly, SEP & LCSG.

  2. Many Ordinariate Groups in England are introducing Services of Lessons and Carols in preparation for Christmas -in the Bournemouth Ordinariate Mission ours is to be on Sunday 21st December at 2.30pm (details on our website) – a little of the Anglican Patrimony.

  3. Help!
    Our TLM priest uses an older 1962 Missale Romanum altar missal but it does not have the new Preface for Advent that he wants to do. I gave him a copy of the words, but he wants it with the music.
    Please help. I've been searching the web and can't find any music score for the Advent Preface extraordinary form. Is it available online?
    Our TLM congregation of 20 is so poor, we can't afford to buy our priest the new $400+/- 1962 altar missal. Thanks. Have a blessed Advent.

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