Giving Liturgically

With just a few days left in the tax year, I thought I would mention some liturgical giving opportunities for those interested in making some last-minute donations.

1. The Church Music Association of America, through its scholarly journal, enormous bank of free online musical resources, its support of publishing initiatives, its Winter Chant Intensive, Colloquium, and other learning opportunities, and its three online discussion forums including this blog, is the leading and most effective voice for sacred music in the world.

Through the energetic work of the CMAA, uncountable congregations have benefitted by a renewal of their liturgical life. I hope that you will consider joining us in this work that combines evangelization, scholarship, and prayer, for the life of the world.

2. The Magnificat devotional aid, which has brought the texts of the Mass, art, and music into the homes, purses, and pockets of millions, is now through its Magnificat Foundation the sponsor of Magnificat Days, which celebrate beautiful liturgies that are broadcast through EWTN. Imagine an immersion experience like the CMAA Colloquium, for non-musicians–with full TV coverage.

(Evening Prayer begins at 3:13.) The Foundation also provides copies of the company’s publications to those who cannot afford them.

3. The Pope Benedict XVI Institute for Sacred Music has been busy preparing, among other things, the Ignatius Pew Missal. The Institute has a local outreach for Bay Area musicians and a seminary presence–and its work has only just begun. Find out more by email here.

4. Meanwhile, the newest initiative of all, the St. Cecilia Academy for Pastoral Musicians, is just beginning its work on the other coast. Those in New York who might wish to enroll in their credential or Masters’ programs may find the information here.

Scripture says that we should love in deed and truth, and not merely talk about it. In the way of loving known as “the new evangelization,” it is the same. These organizations are not just talking about evangelization: they are doing it, here and now.

May God bless us all throughout the coming year!