New Chorister Program in San Francisco

Lucky kids!!

Child Choristers of the San Francisco Oratory (in formation)
Star of the Sea Church
San Francisco

A child chorister program will be starting this Spring for boys and girls between 8 and 12 at the San Francisco Oratory in formation at Star of the Sea Church, San Francisco. The children admitted into this unique program will be taught the elements of music, modern musical theory and notation, as well as Gregorian Chant and it’s theory, modes and performance. Emphasis will be placed on learning solfege (Do, re mi…) in order to perfect sight-singing, as well as rhythmic training. Special emphasis will be placed on voice production and training. The eventual goal of the Chorister Program will be to supply singers for one of the Sunday morning Masses at Star of the Sea Church. The program is under the pedagogical auspices of the Royal School of Church Music. This is a splendid opportunity for a musical education for your child which the parish offers free of charge.

Homeschooling parents can receive music/arts credits for the class in most programs. Interested parents should call the parish office on 415.221.8558 or email at, to make an appointment to meet the director and for a very short audition, primarily to ascertain that your child is able to match pitch. Classes will begin in March, exact date to be announced once auditions have ended.

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2 Replies to “New Chorister Program in San Francisco”

  1. Fanastic. I believe that in the early 1960s, B.D. ( before destruction) my love of the Liturgy and liturgical music was formed and fostered by my participation in the parish's chant choir for young boys. I was devastated when it ended and we began singing such trip as "Sons of God" and "They Will Know We are Christians." I wish this parish and these young folks the very best in this most important endeavor.

  2. Am assuming Jeffrey Morse, miracle worker, will be commuting to Star for this? If so, those are some fortunate kids! Hopefully also take some heat off the pastor or the altar server madness.

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