An invocation as we begin Holy Week

English translation:

Hear, O heaven, my words full of longing and suffused with joy.
Echo: I hear!

I beseech you,
tell me who is she that rises up, bright as the dawn, and I shall bless her.
Echo: I shall tell you!

Say if this lady, lovely as the moon and glorious as the sun, fills with gladness the earth, heavens and seas.
Echo: Mary!

That sweet virgin Mary,
foretold by the prophet Ezechiel, that eastern gate,
Echo: The same!

that sacred and joyful portal through which death was expelled and life renewed;
Echo: Thus!

who is always a trusted mediator between God and man for the forgiveness of sins.
Echo: a mediator!

Let us all therefore follow her, through whom we may with grace deserve to attain life everlasting.
Echo: let us follow!

May God the Father,
and the Son, and the mother whose sweet name we invoke, grant solace to the afflicted.
Echo: Amen!

Blessed art thou, virgin Mary, for ever and ever.

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  1. Amazing music -unmistakable Monteverdi. Put me in a meditative mood to face the tedious Palm Sunday procession that begins our service this morning.

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