Time & Tide Wait for No Man (or Woman) – Early Registrations for Summer Events

Tomorrow is the 1st of March.  There is one month left for early registration at the Summer Chant Intensive and/or the Summer Colloquium.  This year both will be at Duquesne University in beautiful  Pittsburgh – the city of 27 bridges, a splendid cathedral, a new organ in the campus chapel – and all the delights of sacred music.  Monophony, polyphony, vocal, organ, chances to sing your heart out, to learn semiology and principles of chironomy, to network with like-minded folks for all over the country (and even other countries).

What are you waiting for?  Hie thee to the CMAA site and get on board the train now.  Early registration saves you $50 (or fifty Washingtons, if that’s the way you talk).

Join us for one or both conferences.  Summer Chant Intensive with the incomparable Wilko Brouwers, June 23-26,2015.  Summer Colloquium XXV with a plethora of talent and brain power, June 29-July 4, 2015.

Take the plunge!