Mark Shea thinks too much!

Mssr. Shea decided to expound upon the numerical significance of the number of fish caught gospel reading today, in which the number of fish is clearly identified as 153. If’n you wanna wade through his exegesis feel free to type in “patheos” in your search window.
I did share in common with him a moment of fascination about 153. However, as a lifelong musician and not too shabby theorist, what do you think was my Rorschach response?
Of course, scale degrees 1 (Tonic)- 5 (Dominant)- 3 (Mediant, whether major or minor.)
If that ain’t Trinitarian, I dunno what is. You can do the existential math with either Greek or Baroque emotional associations.
One way or another, a tuned 1-5-3 is a totally beautiful thing, even if it stands alone.

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  1. Our associate pastor was taught that 153 was the number of known nations at the time.

  2. I have been very distracted this week at Mass, and one day, "Hmmm…. 153, you say? maybe that's because…. " figured heavily in my derailed train of thought.
    I've heard various theories before, I'm not going to read Shea's because my computer thinks the Patheos site is either a virus or a really ugly bacterial infection, (and sometimes the fever dreams of some of the Patheos bloggers seem proof of that,) but I love the triad/Trinty thing, I'm go with that, Mr. C.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  3. G, fair warning, I've suggested to TPTB that you be added as a contributor to this blogroll. 🙂

  4. The abbreviation for Monsieur is simply "M."; plural "Messrs." which has been ported into English.

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