Give the Kids What They Want…

…and what they want is not a “cool” Church. At all.

My friend and blogger Amy Peterson put it this way: “I want a service that is not sensational, flashy, or particularly ‘relevant.’ I can be entertained anywhere. At church, I do not want to be entertained. I do not want to be the target of anyone’s marketing. I want to be asked to participate in the life of an ancient-future community.”
Millennial blogger Ben Irwin wrote: “When a church tells me how I should feel (‘Clap if you’re excited about Jesus!’), it smacks of inauthenticity. Sometimes I don’t feel like clapping. Sometimes I need to worship in the midst of my brokenness and confusion — not in spite of it and certainly not in denial of it.”

What are Millennials looking for at worship? Lots of suggestions may be found here at of all things, the Washington Post.

3 Replies to “Give the Kids What They Want…”

  1. Amen! As a young adult just finishing my first year of college, I want so badly for more churches to pay attention to this.

  2. Watch if you dare!

    For some 70's polyester-clad anglo geeks, they do have the reggae backbeat pretty well down. Other than that, as King Arthur said after encountering the rabbit in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," "RUN AWAY….RUN AWAY!"

  3. Many are finding the EF Sung Mass to be, well, "cool". Perhaps in the OF Mass the Lit. of the Word could remain "contemporary", but the Lit. of the Eucharist could be offered ad orientem, with the whole of the Ordinary and the two Propers chanted.

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