Let the feast begin!

This year of Roman-American festivities in honor of Blessed, soon-to-be-Saint Junipero Serra, was kicked off today in a big way at the North American College, our American seminary in Rome.

My friend Rev. Mr. Richard Miserendino had the honor of serving as the deacon of the Holy Father’s Mass. Isn’t that wonderful?

Looking forward to a blessed year!


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  1. Congratulations, Paul!

    I am not not at all surprised. As I wrote in another blog post, one of our great hopes for the future is the consistent quality of the liturgical music at both the NAC and at the Venerable–including the consistent use of chanted ordinaries, English propers, and superior hymnody http://www.chantcafe.com/2014/01/some-thoughts-ab

    Priests formed in these seminaries (and doubtless at yours!) will have a much needed perspective on liturgical music from the daily immersion in quality liturgy throughout their formation. The future looks bright indeed!

  2. According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (Georgetown University) 2015 report on U.S seminaries, the Pont. North American College has the largest enrollment, out of the eleven theology seminaries with over 100 seminarians. But, I thought they wore their own unique cassock, if I may bring up a trivial point.

  3. The Masters of Ceremonies are wearing the traditional double-breasted, blue-piped and buttoned house cassock with the red sash without fringe. The current practice at the North American College is for the Masters of Ceremonies and acolytes to wear them.

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