Saturday, May 16, 2015

Save Me From Myself, or "Why He Left the Catholic Church"

Upon reading this essay my first impulse was to blog about what an idiot how wrong in his thinking the author was.
Oh, my sweet aspergillum, are you being funny? ironic?
Why I Left the Catholic Church
In the end it was art that did it -- or rather, the lack of art.
I'm not angry, like so many other ex-Catholics. I don't have a problem with the Catholic Church's position on sexual morality. I didn't have a bad experience with a priest, or resent any nuns that taught me.
In the end, I left the Catholic Church because as an artist I could no longer hold out hope that there would be a place for me in the church.
Yeah, and a rational man stops believing in the Periodic Table because he doesn't like the approach the chemists he knows take to their work.
My thoughts are so uncharitable I must not even type them.

But beyond what I would think is the sheer impossibility of abandoning the grace of the sacraments, and the unsurpassable gift of the Body and Blood of Jesus --the tunnel-visioned inaccuracy of the charge is staggering.
Have you heard Arvo Pärt?
Have you seen Thérèse? (the French film.)
Do you know of Sagrada Familia? 
(Okay, Gaudi's been dead a while...)
MacMillan, Mitsui, Allen, Jenkins...
Lack of art? Really?

So I thought since so many of you have essentially dedicated your lives to the creation and recreation of beauty in the service of  the Catholic Church, you might have thoughts on this, (as well as the ability to express them more gracefully and graciously than I would do even had I the ability.)
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