Deacon W. Patrick Cunningham’s Article may now be found….


It seems that the whole article requires a small $1.95 fee. Sorry.
Perhaps the good Deacon would supply our readers here with a pdf of the balance of his article.

Rev. Mr. Cunningham

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Charles, but please realize that I transferred reproduction rights over the work to NOR as part of the publishing agreement. NOR does not pay authors for our work; we do it gratis as a ministry. Subscriptions are not terribly expensive, and it has some great stuff every issue. I do have a few author copies of the issue, so anyone in San Antonio could get one by e-mailing me at and picking it up at St. Pius X 12:10 Sunday Mass. First come first served. I suspect NOR would be open to republication in Sacred Music.

  2. May I suggest subscribing and being of aid to this wonderful publication? You will not be disappointed.

  3. Thank you, Deacon, your explanation is no surprise and just. And as a subscriber to NOR, I add my endorsement to that of Patricia Rose.

  4. I am a chant/choir director who has worked most of my career at the OF mass, but I have just completed my first year working at an FSSP parish. Until I got this job I had attended the EF once a month at most. So I was pretty interested in this article, so I paid the $1.95 to read it.

    If only this conversation were actually happening! I realize the good Deacon depicted an idealized conversation (cleansed of all the unpleasant innuendo usually attending these types of confabs). It may be too early to speak of changes in either form no matter how enriching. Until it is clear that neither form will "win" by force of law, people cannot even approach these types of discussions due to the lack of trust that one form will try to wipe out the other.

    There is also way too much apologetic on the EF side emphasizing the importance of celebrating the EF without any changes. I wonder if "organic change" is even possible anymore for several generations once traditionalists feel like any change whatsoever is a detriment.

  5. I overwhelmed with you calling the Traditional Latin Mass, "Brother Extraordinary". The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been ordinary for 1900 years. What a daring proclamation? Of course you must know the Novus Ordo Missae was framed and changed by protestant clergy, do you not in order to make protestants welcomed and to receive communion without conversion?

  6. It has been useful three years after writing this article to come back to it and to the fine comments above. At the tenth anniversary of Pope Benedict's much-needed permission, it's good to see the EF (and, properly sung, the form is truly an extraordinary experience!) continuing to grow in popularity. Our parish now has a full-time associate whose primary duty is to celebrate the OF in Spanish (he also does English) and the EF every week on Sunday. The Mass is sung twice a month; I am privileged to offer communion as clergy each week, as I have for nearly ten years. Now, however, I also chant the Epistle whenever the Mass is sung.

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