Two guys, EF and OF, walk into a bar…I mean sacristy….

After getting and perusing the July/Aug. issue of the New Oxford Review, I read a lovely little piece of parabolic fiction by Deacon W. Patrick Cunningham of San Antonio. Deacon apparently attended the Indy Colloquium in 2014 and was moved to imagine what a conversation the characters OF and EF would have (with moderator.) It’s clever, not at all excessively scholarly or protracted. The central focus of the article regards how each rite “informs” the other, as Cunningham was invoking PEmeritus B16’s motu of ’07. I hope to have the Review’s permission to link this forum and the Café to the entire article within a couple of days. The good deacon assiduously avoids the snark that often attends such compare/contrast discussions, and actually the article could serve as a bridge not only for RotR, but perhaps actualizing the pastoral choice to celebrate the Vetus Ordo.

I would like to credit Mr. Pieter Vree and the staff of the “New Oxford Review” for their kind courtesy in allowing early release of the article.

Here is the article

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  1. Mr. C.,

    I wonder if it's even possible to save the Roman liturgical tradition without the regular presence of the EF Sung Mass in our parishes. Without the Vetus Ordo, discussion of liturgical music, and other liturgical choices, always seems to get reduced to personal preferences, rather than the reverent reception of an ancient tradition that has been guided by the Holy Spirit and cultivated by the saints.

  2. Anything and everything is possible one supposes. Of late, it seems to me that unfortunately it is actually coming down to the "biological solution." But even though Boomer generation priests have almost unilaterally forsaken the TLM as (IMO) simply inconvenient for a number of (excuses) reasons, I fear that many GenX celebrants will follow suit as they've known no other but the OF. I think that if the creek don't rise or we blow ourselves up, eventually the TLM may gain traction, and then a foothold should the Faithful exercise and practice their right to observe their birthright traditions.

  3. Neat headline, folks. Thanks for the kind words. This was fun to write, but NOR is such a popular forum for authors that it was a year in the publication.

  4. Hi Deacon, I did send off an email to Pieter and am awaiting his permission and link. Thanks for the article.

  5. TLM and so much of what has been missing, needs to be slowly and consistently introduced back into the Catholic Church. Sadly, most priests and music directors lack the interest and the education to much more than carry on with bad music and weak liturgies.

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