Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"What Has Happened to Sacred Catholic Music?"

An article in the Catholic Stand, (a new-to-me website, but I'm always the last to know....) which includes an interview with our Kathy Reinheimer. (Many of the Chant Cafe's readers will know her from Colloquia.)

Go read it all, but this struck me, what with all the conversation of late about church musicians abruptly fired/forced out.
[Kathy:] "I am seeing bright spots of scholae popping up all over the country.”
HL: “It still depends on the local bishop.”
Kathy: “My choir... operates at the pleasure of the bishop even though we are an independent 501c3, all he would have to do is send out a notice to all the parishes that Regina Pacis is no longer welcome and we would be done, just like that.  Bless his heart he has chosen to not do that, but there are other places that have not been as fortunate.
We must remember to count our blessings, making our prayers of thanksgiving not just petition, (I am speaking to myself here...)
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