Hymn Tune Introits: The Annual Collection, New from WLP

My second book is available for purchase here at World Library Publications, a major Catholic music publisher here in the US http://www.wlp.jspaluch.com/15622.htm
The collection presents the Entrance Antiphon for each Sunday, rewritten to rhyme and to follow the rhythmic pattern of Long Meter hymns. There are many famous Long Meter tunes, including the tunes for Jesus Shall Reign, Jesu Dulcis Memoria, All People That on Earth Do Dwell, and Creator of the Stars of Night.
From the feedback I have received when promoting this collection here on the Chant Cafe and elsewhere, the Hymn Tune Introits have proven especially useful in parishes that desire to “sing the Mass” by singing the proper antiphons of the Mass, but which also are more accustomed to singing hymns. This project provides a bridge between the two, meeting a congregation halfway.

Although the collection is presented with suggestions for appropriate LM tunes, each congregation has full freedom to choose according to its own knowledge base and background. This provides maximum flexibility–and once again, a bridge to keeping the adoption of propers low-key and low-resistance. A table of Psalms is provided if parishes would like to chant a Psalm between repetitions of these antiphons.

Here is an article I wrote on the project several years ago, with samples. 
Thank you and God bless.

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  1. Are there any recordings of any of these? mp3s? youtube postings? I'd love to hear them before I buy them.

  2. Diana, interestingly, recording the Hymn Tune Introits is the one thing that technically can't be done.

    The reason is that they are so flexible that they can be sung to many different hymn tunes, and the one that would work best in your local situation might not be the one I would personally choose.

    Suggested tunes are provided in the book, and the editors were careful to make the suggestions as meaningful as possible, fitting them both to the season and to the rhyme scheme. But these remain suggestions.

    In other words, how they sound is really up to you!

  3. The Hymn Tune Introits for Advent have been posted here before (I downloaded). Can you perhaps post those again? That way, Diana can get an idea of how they work and the style of the poetry. (I usually sing them to Winchester New or Conditor Alma Siderum when singing through them. Old Hundreth works as well.

  4. I'd originally said ( guess I didn't hit "Submit") was that there were examples on this site. I sing them to myself using the tunes Winchester New and Conditor Alma Siderum.

  5. JOndrey, I can do you one better.

    WLP has made sample pages of the Introits available so that anyone can try them out for themselves http://www.wlp.jspaluch.com/download/005323.pdf

    Just sing to a familiar tune that has 8 syllables per line (with the stress on the odd syllables), such as the tune for All People That on Earth Do Dwell. It works very easily!

  6. Bravo Katherine for your work in Hymn Tune Introits! Thank you from those of us in small church settings who want to do more, yet face limitations on resources. Any chance you've considered doing a similar project with the Graduals/Sequences/Tracts?

    One last idea for readers who've wanted to be able to sing through some of the material before purchasing. You may be able to find an organ accompaniment at this website: http://smallchurchmusic3.com/index.php?New=y

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