Colloquium Day 2: Let’s get started

Some glimpses of Tuesday at the Colloquium:

After morning prayer and breakfast, the first session is a chant rehearsal:
at the men’s schola session taught by Wilko Brouwers,
the curve of a neume on the paper is echoed by its counterpart outside.

In Tuesday’s plenary address,
Dr. Mahrt describes the “musical shape” of the liturgy.

Colleen Crafton from the Ward Center in Richmond, VA
brought her own choristers (!) to demonstrate a Ward Method lesson.

Photographer Rene Zajner listens in
as David Hughes (of St. Mary’s, Norwalk) and some colloquium participants
try out new compositions the latter have brought.

Scott Turkington (and his double, through the looking-glass)
present a session on conducting polyphony.
As the polyphony rehearsals begin,
Charles Cole from the London Oratory School
brings the motet choir together with some exercises.

And after that session, it is time to put things into practice, to sing for Mass at the Pro-Cathedral of St. John.

Horst Buchholz (our host this week at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis) directs the Mozart choir in Tallis’ This is my commandment:

And with Holst’s famous tune, the Mass is ended.

[UPDATE: Joel Morehouse has additional photos of the Mass and information on the music presented at our sister site New Liturgical Movement.]