“Liturgy Breaks the Bounds of the Sanctuary”

The ad orientem kerfuffle, in the wake of Cardinal Sarah’s address, has if nothing else, shown how passionately people on all sides of the matter care about Liturgy.
And this is only right, (as the Eucharistic Liturgy, the fons et culmen of our Faith will, after all, save the world.)
At First Things, Leroy Huizenga, Chair of Human and Divine Sciences at the University of Mary in Bismarck,  wants to

remind readers that the issue of ad orientem posture isn’t merely a minor matter of moment for fastidious liturgical nerds, as if the Mass were a mere matter of aesthetics [for] liturgy breaks the bounds of the sanctuary and affects all that we do and indeed the wider culture as it brings God’s people to God. The cultivation of culture—first, among Catholics themselves, and then outwards from there—depends on a proper cultus, a liturgy in which God is sought and found.

He has a good summation of the current state of affairs and links to some of the most worthwhile commentary to be found on Those Interwebs.