Flashback Friday

Sometimes it seems like the 70s are here again, retro-style. So here’s a blast from the past.

That’s the sort of thing that grownups used to think brought the kids in to the Church.

Except, as we know, those kids left. In droves.

Still, the Lord’s Prayer is what we are given to pray, in authentic, multicultural expressions. So, let us pray.

6 Replies to “Flashback Friday”

  1. I was crying so hard after the Armenian and Handl, I could barely see the screen. This is what we've lost. May God forgive the Vatican Council, the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Musicians who pulled down the House of God and replaced it with barns and pig stys.

    Bud Clark
    (thankfully retired)
    Cathedral City CA USA

  2. And may God protect us from the current Pope who seems determined to undo the work of Benedict XVI and make sure the "spirit" of the Council returns and prevails..

  3. I would personally prefer to focus on the future. The scoffing, disdainful attitude towards all things holy that was so manifest for a generation or two is so boring that it will naturally pass.

    What concerns me is first of all a realistic attitude towards evangelization. Sure, we could appeal to the masses by becoming much less than ourselves, but that process is futile. No one wants to join a church or ecclesial community that has emptied itself of its identity, or at least not for long. We have seen this cycle repeat itself many times throughout the twentieth century.

    Secondly, I would suggest that everyone who has these concerns redouble his or her commitment to fidelity and prayer. Set out into the deep! That is the way forward.

  4. Just to be clear, this version of the Lord's Prayer was released as a pop song in Australia in the early seventies – very few churches used it for liturgical purposes. Anyonr who thinks it was all perfect prior to V2 should read about the conduct and lack of regulation of low Masses in that time.

  5. We sang this Our Father regularly in my childhood parish in the suburban US, along with several selections each from Godspell and Fiddler on the Roof.

    Regarding preconciliar low Mass music, surely you aren't suggesting we should meet this low standard? Sacred music must be worthy of the sacred text, in every age.

  6. Anyonr who thinks it was all perfect prior to V2

    None of the regulars here seriously thinks that, so why cavil? Moreover, that the piece was not used in liturgy is also a petty objection because no one can seriously deny that it is from the same doofiness propelling trends in liturgical music.

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