Saturday, January 28, 2017

Music for this Blessed Christmastide

I know he has been mentioned before, if not here, then on the MusicaSacra fora, and if you're anything like I, items that should be of interest don't always register if they are not immediately useful for whatever pressing need one feels as a musician, but....
Oh, my, Phillip Stopford!!!!!
As it happens, having no duties, or responsibility, or work as a musician, m musical needs are rather limited right now.
It being that time of year, some Crusaders for Life sang Phillip Stopford's heartbreakingly appropriate lullaby for the Holy Innocents at the state capitol building in Illinois.
And it being that time of year, (I don't know about you, but my creche and tree have another week to go....) it remains appropriate. It was a joy to discover this composer, like receiving one last Christmass present, because...
Oh, my, Phillip Stopford!!!!!

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