Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The aggressors in the "liturgy wars"

Last night the Pray Tell blog posted an egregiously spiteful hit-obit on a monk, scholar, and Churchman who had died that very same day.

This morning it was removed, and a slightly milder but still preposterously inappropriate version has replaced it.

The author, Paul Inwood, is considered such an expert on mercy that cathedrals around the globe were required to sing a hymn he wrote on the subject. But there was no mercy here for his professional enemy.

It's a tactic of the left to act in a "who, me?" fashion regarding conflict, to call for an end to this war or that war, the culture war, the liturgy war, the translation war. As though the left is an innocent bystanding pacifist rather than the agenda-pushing, angry aggressor.

The liturgist has no clothes.

A full retraction, with apology, to the monk's religious and natural families is in order.
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